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Meet the All Seasons Chiropractic Team

Chiropractor – Dr. Trevor Winzoski

Steinbach Chiropractor Dr. Trevor Winzoski

Dr. Trevor Winzoski

Introduced to Chiropractic Due To a Workplace Injury

Like many of my patients, my first experience with a chiropractor was as a result of injuring myself at work. When I was 18, I had a summer job working as a roofer. I had worked a full day, going up and down a ladder, bending, twisting and turning. Cleaning up at the end of my shift, I went to pick up a 16 foot 2×10 and one of my co-workers jumped in to help me but, in doing so, he caused the 2×10 to shift, making my back twist suddenly and a lightning bolt of pain shot upward. I dropped to the ground.

My employer directed me to go to a medical doctor. I was told I had strained a muscle in my back and was prescribed rest and Tylenol for pain. I was off work the rest of the week, hoping my pain would subside and my back would improve but it didn’t. Instead, the pain and my mobility progressively got worse to the point where I couldn’t even get out of bed; I could barely move. After seeing I was not improving, my dad said “enough is enough; you are going to see my chiropractor.”

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Business Manager – Donna Seale

Steinbach Chiropractor Business Manager Donna Seale

Donna Seale

Before joining her husband, Dr. Trevor, as the Business Manager for All Seasons Chiropractic, Donna practiced law for 21 years, the last 11 of which were spent running a successful solo human rights law and education firm. However, like many other mothers who pour their time and energy into everyone and everything else but themselves, the stressors of practicing law, caring for two young children, being a supportive wife of a busy husband, being a caregiver to her sibling with disabilities and dedicating her ‘free time’ over a number of years to be the head coach of her daughters’ soccer team eventually took a toll on her health. Although getting adjusted regularly and eating well helped keep her body chugging along, chronic stress ultimately stopped it in its tracks. Having watched both of her parents pass away far too young, Donna decided that she needed to make some critical changes.

Partnering with Dr. Trevor in 2015, allowed Donna to forge a new path for herself that was more supportive of her health and family goals and provided a unique opportunity for her to use her significant experience in the professional services industry to help him best serve his patients. As Business Manager, Donna oversees the clinic’s operations, handles financial arrangements for patient care, coordinates patient education and office events and ultimately ensures patients’ needs are met. Donna has an avid interest in nutrition, helping women adopt healthy lifestyles and aiding parents in raising healthy and happy children.

Lead Chiropractic Assistant – Desiree Beaupre

Desiree Beaupre

Desiree Beaupre

Although born in Winnipeg, Desiree has lived, grown up and gone to school in both Steinbach and Mitchell, Manitoba. She presently lives in Mitchell with her husband, Marc.

Desiree’s initial foray into the health care field was as a physiotherapy assistant at a clinic in Steinbach. She took that position based on her passion for helping people and seeing people’s lives improve when they get the care they need. Upon getting married, Desiree decided to shift into seeking out a new permanent career and that is what brought her to chiropractic and our office.

Prior to her role as a Chiropractic Assistant, Desiree noted that she had never been to a chiropractor before. She remarked that she thought you just went to a chiropractor to “crack things back into place.” Now being under chiropractic care herself, she said she now understands the importance of chiropractic in a way she never knew before; she now knows it is an important step in taking care of your nervous system and your entire body. In addition to being able to appreciate, first-hand, what chiropractic has been able to do for her, Desiree finds it very satisfying when she sees patients who come into our office in pain but then leave feeling better. She states that “knowing I was a small part in achieving that makes me feel accomplished.”

Since starting at our office, Desiree’s natural abilities to manage our busy front desk and provide high-level patient service have shone through and earned her the position of Lead Chiropractic Assistant.

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When she isn’t serving patients at our office, Desiree has interests in travelling (although she would like to travel more than she actually does!), photography and spending time outdoors in the summer going to the beach, boating and quading (she’s not a fan of our Manitoba winters!).

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