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Have you ever been told that you will just have to live with the pain or ill health you are experiencing? Do you feel like you have tried everything to feel better but nothing has worked? Losing hope? When coming to our office for the first time, new patients often report these experiences. We are here to tell you there is hope and we can present several different options that may help you.

Your condition is unique to you and requires a care plan customized to your needs. To give you the best natural health care possible, we employ a variety of chiropractic techniques and provide additional services to suit your concerns and comfort level. Our approach is gentle and conservative.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Steinbach Chiropractic Techniques

Dr. Trevor is skilled in both manual and instrument-based adjustments

Dr. Trevor, D.C. is skilled in a number of different adjustment methods, both manual (using his hands) and instrument-based, to gently correct any misalignments of the spine. He will select the technique that is most appropriate for your condition, providing you with assurance every step of the way:

Our adjusting procedures are precise, serving to improve mobility, restore range of motion and increase movement of adjoining muscles to relieve any pressure on the nervous system.

We will periodically evaluate your progress to determine the effectiveness of the methods being used and to ensure proper nervous system function is being restored.

Spinal Home Care

We see our patients as partners in the spinal correction process. Based on your examination and any nervous system testing done or x-rays that may be taken, Dr. Trevor, D.C. will customize a program for you to do at home to support the adjustments he makes to your spine during your visits. This will include specific exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles around the spine, equipment to encourage increased mobility and sleep aids to retrain the spine to adopt the corrected position. This blend of traditional chiropractic techniques with principles of rehabilitation serves not only to provide relief but to ensure the long-term benefit of your care.


Your feet need proper support to be a strong foundation for the rest of your body. Assistance from orthotics can help your body to have proper structure. We use digital gait scan technology in our office to assess your needs and create custom orthotics.

Learn more about how our techniques and services can help you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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