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Reviews for All Seasons Chiropractic

See What Our Patients Are Saying

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of All Seasons Chiropractic patient reviews below. Please contact us today if you have any questions.

I feel better for it generally

When I started coming to see Dr. Trevor I had numbness occurring in my fingers and up my forearms. I had also had surgery on my big toe and it was very stiff and arthritic. I had also torn my rotator cuff in my shoulder. After seeing Dr. Trevor the numbness in fingers and arms is now gone, my neck bones are in better alignment and I feel better for it generally. With my toe I have close to 80% mobility back.

– Don W., 62 years old, a patient of Dr. Trevor’s since 2010

Dr. Trevor has helped me more than my medical doctor

Steinbach Chiropractor Patient ReviewsI first came to the chiropractor because of lots of back and shoulder pain and many falls from dizziness. I was referred to Dr. Trevor by my brother-in-law. Since starting chiropractic care, I feel a lot better, sleep much better, walk better, work better and I have better balance. This makes a huge difference on life. I enjoy doing things more than before. House work, outside work and hobbies like working in my greenhouse and harvesting over 300 tomato plants were very tough to do before. I keep coming for my adjustments to continue feeling better to be able to do all the work I want to do! Dr. Trevor has helped me more than my medical doctor.

– Annie D, age: 81 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s for 8 months

I have lots of confidence in Dr. Trevor

I started coming to Dr. Trevor due to back problems. My brother-in-law had challenged me to see Dr. Trevor. I was scared of chiropractors as I’ve heard many stories. I didn’t want my back to get any more worse than it already was. Dr. Trevor was able to take on the challenge with me to try to get more space between the discs in my back and HE DID! The future was looking bright again and it still is. I have lots of confidence in Dr. Trevor. My endurance is way up regarding walking, exercise, etc. I am not on medication anymore at all since I started chiropractic! It is the best choice I have made!

– Carin V. age: 46 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s for 7 years

Lower back pain gone and I’m seldom sick

Steinbach Chiropractor Patient ReviewsI’ve been seeing Dr. Trevor for approximately 10 years. I came to see him initially due to lower back pain I was experiencing. My lower back pain is gone and I have noticed in the past few years that I seldom get sick. I attribute that to keeping my regular adjustment appointments.

– Rose D. age: 48 years old

Getting a better night sleep

I came to see Dr. Trevor around 3 years ago due to hip and leg pain that I assumed originated at the spine. I was also concerned about an increasing amount of fatigue. I no longer have to move around, by standing and walking, after sitting for just 20 minutes. I no longer limp when I walk. The nerve pain in the legs has ceased therefore allowing me to get a full nights sleep…..reducing the fatigue….thank you!!

– Deanna S. age: 52 years old

I recommend this office to others

I first came to see Dr. Trevor because of work-related injuries. I had been recommended to see him by others. Since starting chiropractic care I have more energy and better mobility. I recommend this office to others since they are also concerned about the whole well-being of the person and quality of care by doing an overall review of my history before doing treatments.

– Adela D. age: 63 years old, a patient of Dr. Trevor’s since 2006

I can work again without pain

I had quit my job over a year ago to follow my dreams. I found I love to animate which involves a lot of computer work. One day after about 8 months, I woke up and could hardly move my neck and shoulder. I feared this may have long term effects on my dreams. After a few months of seeing Dr. Trevor, the symptoms I was experiencing were gone. I now have full movement and can work hours a day no problem. I am so thankful that I can work again without pain. My dream after a short start almost died. I’m so glad I can work again and put in the hours required to animate.

– Curtis N. age: 33 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s for 8 months

I Have Gained My Independence Back!

Steinbach Chiropractor Patient Reviews
I was in a car accident and was not walking at all. I was in a wheelchair 8-10 hours a day, had to be carried to the washroom, and when I wasn’t in a wheelchair I had to be put in a reclining chair. I had no life and I was very depressed. I was having severe incontinence as well so I was always worried about that.

After coming to see Dr. Trevor 3 times, I went from being in a wheelchair, to using a cane and then to walking on my own. I have been to see him for just 9 visits now and each visit I have gotten better! I am now doing housework for the first time in 3 years. I have no incontinence issues now which was such a big concern to me. I can participate in activities of daily living again and help my husband with household responsibilities. I always felt so bad that I couldn’t help him before. I have gained my independence back! All this has happened even though I was told by other doctors after my car accident I would be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I thank God for Dr. Trevor every day! I will keep coming here even if we move to Alaska!

– Lisa, age 65, started seeing Dr. Trevor in March 2017.

Five out of five stars!

I first came to see Dr. Trevor for pain and stiffness in my upper back and neck. I have seen other chiropractors for my issues prior to seeing Dr. Trevor but I have made the best progress under his treatment and advisement. I have always been most impressed with how Dr. Trevor has always taken the time to talk to me about my neck and back. Five out of five stars!!!

– Kevin, age: 52 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s for the last 12 years

Thank You Dr. Trevor!

I have been coming to see Dr. Trevor for 3 years now. When I first came in I had excessive neck pain. Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed that I have much improved mobility in my neck. I have been consistently working on my posture with the help of Dr. Trevor. I realize the importance of using chiropractic care not for just correcting current problems but using it for preventative care.

– John, age: 54

My Neck Pain and Headaches Are Almost Non-existent

Steinbach Chiropractor Patient Reviews
I first came to the chiropractor because of my lower back and leg pain as well as headaches and neck pain. Since starting chiropractic 4 months ago I have experienced less stiffness and no pain in my legs. My neck pain and headaches are almost non-existent. Doctor Trevor seems genuinely interested in my well being and would probably be happy if I did not have to visit as often.

– Terry, age: 35

Improved Mental Health and Happiness!

I started my chiropractic care due to the chronic pain in my hips and lower back. My hips are now awesome in my humble opinion. I have noticed less pain, which in turn lead to a reduction in pain meds. I have also experienced improved mental health and happiness! Thanks Dr. T!

– Nina, age:50 , Patient for 11 years

My Whole Family Now Sees Dr. Trev

I originally came to get rid of the pain in my feet. I now no longer have sore feet and I noticed I get sick very seldom because of the bi-weekly maintenance visits to see Dr. Trev. I have also learned a lot about the functions of the spine and what eating healthy food can do for the body. My whole family now sees Dr. Trev on a regular basis.

– Leroy, age: 51, Patient for 11 years

Helping Me Achieve My Best Health

Steinbach Chiropractor Patient ReviewsPrior to starting care I would get very ill every other week and nothing I seemed to do could help. I was also in tremendous amounts of pain due to my back injury that caused me to stay in bed, not be able to walk, miss work and take prescription meds that caused horrible side effects, including weight gain. I failed a university course, had to get an extension on my schooling and I missed out on a lot of social activities. Due to the care I’ve received from Dr. Winzoski, I am off all prescription medications except one (which has been decreased), I now know how to eat in a way that compliments my health and body, I have increased energy and my pain has decreased significantly. I also now know how to properly exercise which has resulted in a lot of inches lost and a healthy amount of weight lost. I have always had irregular periods due to having unbalanced hormones, endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Since starting care, I have started having regular periods without medications and have now ovulated four months in a row which [medical] doctors said would not likely happen. Physicians also said I was infertile and I got pregnant the first time I ovulated!

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I am very impressed by Dr. Winzoski and his team. I have felt very supported and cared for and knowing that someone else was going to walk beside me through this journey was very encouraging. I have always felt welcome and was filled with hope when leaving the office knowing I wasn’t alone. Dr. Winzoski has always taken the time to answer my questions and give me encouragement when I was feeling doubtful. Knowing Dr. Winzoski wants to help me achieve my best health is a great feeling.

– J.R. – July 2015 – 25 years old

Help With Menstrual Pain

Before starting care, I had a very bad two-day menstrual illness that was very close to endometriosis symptoms. Medical doctors and specialists told me that there was nothing wrong with me. I was put on birth control pills that made me ill the rest of the month and super sensitive to everything. The medication did not resolve my problems. Due to the pain I was experiencing, I had to miss work once a month and suffer at work when I returned. What I was experiencing was very hard to explain to people. I missed out on a lot of events in my life. Since beginning care, I am able to go to work consistently and improvements have been huge. I am no longer vomiting, having diarrhea or extreme pain in my stomach, legs and back. I don’t have to try to explain my situation to every supervisor, manager or my co-workers. I was very skeptical at first but also very desperate. I am so glad I stuck it out. Thanks Dr. Trevor and staff for the care and support!

– K.D. – February 2015 – 31 years old

Almost Non-Existent Back Pain

I first came to see Dr. Trevor because of lower back pain which I have had since I was about 15 years old. Since starting chiropractic care I have noticed less to almost non-existent back pain and better mobility. My seasonal allergy symptoms are almost completely gone. This is the first time in 22 years I have not had to take antihistamines!

– Dennis, 43 years old

Freedom Of Movement In My Neck

Steinbach Chiropractor Patient ReviewsI first came to the chiropractor because of a terribly sore neck. I could not turn my head. After examining me and taking an x-ray, Dr. Trevor said it looked like I had been in an accident the day before. But, I hadn’t! It was just the result of cumulative emotional and physical stress. After each of the first few adjustments, I had immediate relief and freedom of movement in my neck. Within weeks, I also started to sleep better, have better posture, deal with stress better and a problem I had had in my tailbone since the birth of our second baby (a problem I didn’t even come to see Dr. Trevor for) has totally cleared up! My husband and kids also benefit from chiropractic care now. I had often in the past been discouraged by how many things it seems we need to do to be healthy but after this, with chiropractic care making such a big difference, we are encouraged to also take other steps to a healthy lifestyle.

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I appreciated the welcoming atmosphere and the encouragements to healthy living. Thank you for always making us feel special! And we very much appreciated Dr. Trevor’s approach. He always answered our questions and made our kids feel at home. In many ways, it was obvious from the beginning that we were not just another client. We could see he really cared about the health of our family. Thank you so much.

– Andrea, 30 years old

Chronic Sore Back

I came to Dr. Trevor because of a chronic sore back. I am now 100% pain free 90% of the time. He gave me sound advice, had painless maneuvers. I am now able to travel for hours without a sore back. I think I’m in love with Dr. Trevor!!

– Steven, 49 years old

Feeling Better Overall

I was at a home and garden show and was introduced to some new ideas about chiropractic including that there were computer scans and x-rays that could be taken before getting adjusted. After about one month of seeing Dr. Trevor, I began to notice a real difference in the back and knee pain I was experiencing. I became more active and am able to play on the floor with my grandchildren now. I have also started curling, something I would not have been able to do before. I have also lost some weight since I can now exercise and feel better overall.

– Liz, 53 years old

A Journey Toward Total Healing

Steinbach Chiropractor Patient ReviewsI first came to the chiropractor because of nearly chronic lower back pain for 9 months. I had also been suffering from chronic fatigue for about 5 years, a condition that had forced me to retire early. Any amount of stress resulted in neck pain leading to headaches.

I was surprised by the thorough and professional way Dr. Winzoski began treating my condition. I had never seen an x-ray of my spine before and was surprised how compromised it actually was. I started with three treatments a week. After a few weeks, the pain in my lower back began to migrate from one place to the other. Dr. Winzoski told me this was great because something was beginning to happen in my back. After a few more weeks the pain began to diminish and I also began a regular pattern of exercises to strengthen the muscles in my back. Now I have almost no pain in my lower back and I see Dr. Winzoski twice a month.

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I was surprised that not only was my back responding to the chiropractic treatment, but other health issues were beginning to improve as well. For five years I had tried nearly a dozen different treatments and programs, especially for my fatigue issue, with only limited improvement. Now, after seeing Dr. Winzoski for nine months, I have an increasing amount of energy with fewer headaches coming from a tight neck. I sleep better, have improved bowel movement, and an all-around improvement in my sense of well-being. I still am not back to where I want to be, but I feel like I am on a journey toward more total healing. I plan to continue seeing Dr. Winzoski regularly into the future. In many ways he is in the process of giving me back my life, for which I am thankful.

– J.H, 62 years old

Increased Mobility

I came to see Dr. Trevor because of limited movement, consistent pain, a need to better myself physically, tension in my shoulders and pain in my chest due to a medical procedure. I have seen a huge increase in mobility. I can sleep a whole night without waking up. I can carry heavy objects at work without pain or shaking. My shoulders feel stable and my chest has had very little pain. Unlike before, it hurt so bad I would tear up and hold it.

– M.S, 21 years old

No More Pain Killers

When I first came in to All Seasons Chiropractic Clinic I had been suffering with chronic neck and lower back pain for many years. I was trying a lot of different pain killers but was still unable to sleep and could only work for a maximum of four hours each day.

Since coming to see Dr. Trevor I am now able to sleep and function better and can work for eight hours per day with no problem. I am totally amazed at how much better I’m functioning and I no longer have the need to take pain killers.

I am thankful to my wife for getting me to come here. I also wish to thank Dr. Trevor for his patience and persistence. I’m really glad that I came in to see him.

– L.P., 58 years old

Headaches Cured

I first came to the chiropractor because of headaches. I have no more headaches because you have cured them. Thank you.

– Natashia, 10 years old

Skeptical At First

I will be honest. I have always been very anti-chiropractor! I had heard countless bad stories of how they were not helpful and how the whole idea of chiropractic care was a money scam. I went to an information session with my husband who had started treatment. I was swayed but not convinced. After my analysis and x-ray, I discovered I had a twisted spine to which my mother confirmed I was twisted by the doctor during my birth. This twisting, I now believe has resulted in over 15 years of chronic menstrual cramps. For these 15 years, up to 10 Advil a day for up to three days a month was absolutely necessary.

After only two months of adjustments, my cramps have subsided to very manageable with the average use of maybe 4 Advil (approx.) per cycle!! What a huge blessing!!

I think it’s also important to note that I strongly agree with All Seasons’ drug-free philosophy and encouragement to make chiropractic care work hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractors are not so bad after all….if you find the good kind!

– Julie, 27 years old

No More Excruciating Pain

We all have a story, you have a story and yes I have a story. If you look carefully you will be able to see my eyebrows turning gray. When a car gets old it has to be put into the garage for regular maintenance. My carcass was getting older and needed attention.

My ability to walk was deteriorating. My natural balance was failing. I went to the store and bought a cart with wheels and a seat. The cost was $400. I used it once.

My lower back had bones that were causing excruciating pain. We headed to Winnipeg to see our family doctor. He was in the process of writing a prescription and then my wife asked if maybe there might not be an alternative to pills. She asked if maybe a chiropractor might be able to alleviate the pains. The doctor was in the process of saying no but with kindness asked who. When my wife said ‘Dr. Trevor’ he jumped and said ‘by all means’. You see, he knew Dr. Trevor.

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My legs showed signs of swelling. I asked for more water pills but the doctor said he couldn’t because my organs were in the process of shutting down.When I got up in the morning the fingers of my hand had what felt like rigormortis. I couldn’t close my hand. I was worried about how I would be able to change channels on our TV!My need for an alarm clock came to a nil. You see I was now on a 2 hour schedule. I was rushing to punch the flush button every 2 hours. This doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep.What was really bothering me was that my beautiful gray matter, the stuff between my ears, was turning a dirty dingy black!I made an appointment with Dr. Trevor. He checked me out. His special piece of computer equipment showed my back bone had all kinds of faults. It had spurs, the nerves were being pinched and the vertebrae were no longer in their proper position. The heart of the body, the backbone, needed attention.What has Dr. Trevor done to make the quality of my life more palatable? I now walk without a cane. I now sleep up to 6 hours non-stop. My hands and shoulders are again functioning. The energy level has improved greatly. My body organs are beginning to function more efficiently. I now smile more.I want to say a big thank you to Dr. Trevor and give him a big hug. My prayer is may Dr. Trevor have a long life.

– Gerald D., who became a patient of Dr. Trevor’s when he was 84 years old, and is now 90 and still thriving

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