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Reviews for All Seasons Chiropractic

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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of All Seasons Chiropractic patient reviews below. Please contact us today if you have any questions.

Set For Life

We will never choose a different chiropractor. We’re set for life now.
– Bryanna B

On the Right Track

I feel for the first time that I am on the right track regarding my health issues. Dr. Trevor you have done for me what others have not done. I believe that in months to come I will get better. Your treatments are a proof of that. Thank You for taking me on as a patient. Your staff are the best.
– Rolande P

Welcoming Attitude and Friendliness

I appreciate the Trevor’s concept of working towards overall health and not just working on the joints where there is pain. I also appreciate the welcoming attitude and friendliness of the staff. Keep it up! – Peter B.

Relief after 1st Appointment

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time and listening to my concerns and getting me in quick. Dr. Trevor is a excellent doctor I had someone who lived in the city and he gave me a referral for her and my daughter, he could have told them to come to him. After my first adjustment my neck pain has been gone. I am so very grateful for Dr. Luke for referring me there. – Shelley V.

Feeling more energetic

I have been coming to see Dr. Trevor for about 13 months. I first came to see him for a number of issues. I had ankle and knee pain, especially on my left side, that I had been dealing with since a teenager. I was in so much pain that I didn’t want to work because my feet and legs would hurt so much I then couldn’t sleep at night. I was getting 1-2 hours of sleep at night at most. I had hand and wrist pain and numbness that I had been dealing with for 3 years. I had daily headaches and weekly migraines, neck pain and stiffness, left hip, leg and back pain. I basically checked off every health issue on the Intake form because everything was hurting. I was even having troubles breathing. I was taking prescription medication for my headaches and migraines and over-the-counter pain relief medication for my other aches and pains. Since starting chiropractic care I have noticed so many changes. I now have no ankle and knee pain at all. I don’t need to take any medication for these issues anymore. My hand/wrist pain and numbness is better, too. I do still get some numbness but Dr. Trevor gave me a suggestion for when I sleep at night that has helped. I no longer take pain medication for these issues. I get far less headaches and migraines now. I have not taken any migraine pills for a while now. Overall my pain is pretty much gone. My health is way better than it was. I am now able to walk with no pain and I even joined a gym recently! Before, not only would I have been unable physically to exercise, I just have more energy at the end of my day to go to the gym. I have noticed that I am not as sick as I used to be as well. While I have reached my health goals, I still won’t stop coming to see Dr. Trevor. I didn’t think realigning my spine would lead to so many changes, but it has, and now I just want to keep coming no matter what so I can stay healthy. – Jennifer, age 35, a patient of Dr. Trevor’s since September 2016

Continue getting better

I first came to see Dr. Trevor 17 months ago due to severe migraines, headaches, neck pain, dizziness, fatigue and ringing in my ears. I had actually been to the Emergency Room because of the migraines I was experiencing a few weeks before I decided to come see Dr. Trevor. I knew I had to do something different because I didn’t feel like I was living. I never thought I would go to a chiropractor and now I never want to stop. I was scared at the thought of Dr. Trevor adjusting my neck at first but I am so glad I stepped through your front door. While I have not yet reached 100% of my health goals, I feel so much better and migraines are so much less of an issue for me now. I am so thankful for what Dr. Trevor has done for me. I now understand how my nervous system affects everything in my body and that if I don’t take care of myself no one else will. I intend to continue going to see Dr. Trevor so I can maintain where I am at now and also continue to get even better. – Karen, 58 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s since May 2016

Noticeable change

My son recommended I come to see Dr. Trevor after I fractured my low back due to a fall. I was in chronic pain at the time. I couldn’t move a muscle or lay down due to the pain I was in. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t come here! I have no more pain in my mid-body, hardly any pain in my back. People have noticed the change in me, too, as they’ve told me. I can garden again, using my walker, I’m back to doing square dancing and I can walk 30 minutes a day for exercise, using my walker. Thank you Dr. Trevor! – Tina, 85 years old, achieved these results after seeing Dr. Trevor for just 13 months

Better with each adjustment

In February 2017, my lower back seized up and I could barely move without a lot of pain. The pain was so bad I couldn’t even bend over to pick up my socks from the floor or put my socks on in the morning. After seeing Dr. Trevor for just 7 months I can easily bend over and touch the floor! My back just keeps getting better each time I get adjusted. – Emily, 29 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s since February 2017

Easing back pain

I have been a patient of Dr. Trevor’s for 24 years. I first came to his office because of back pain. I continue to see Dr. Trevor because I rarely have back pain anymore. Dr. Trevor helps me with a variety of issues in my body. He suggests stretches, etc. which I can do between adjustments. – Louise, 65 years old

No more pain

When I was a teen I fell on my tail bone and ever since I have dealt with severe pain on and off. I was told by a different chiropractor that he couldn’t fix the problem. Dr. Trevor fixed it the first try and I haven’t had pain since! I also sleep better and barely get sick since I became a patient. – Shaneah, 24 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s since July 2016

Better sleep and mood

I came to see Dr. Trevor due to a slip and fall on some ice. Since then, I’m no longer sore after work from the fall, I have more energy. I sleep better. I have a more positive mood. And I can run around and play with my children! – Michael, 37 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s for 9 months

Aware of proper posture

I had neck pain and cracking that was annoying, painful and prevented me from cradling the phone (what I needed to do while I worked). I had mid-back pain. I also had lower back pain that had bothered me for about 8 years. When my pain was bad I couldn’t sleep. My neck issues went away in the first month of seeing Dr. Trevor. I can now cradle the phone with no problems. Although my back pain does flare up occasionally, I am more able to control it; the pain is far more manageable. Through the home care exercises Dr. Trevor game to me I initially learned how to properly strengthen my core. I’ve now been able to move on to doing additional exercises. I am also careful now with how I lift things and I have incorporated stretching. Dr. Trevor has made me aware of the importance of proper posture whether sitting, walking or standing. I feel that I have accomplished the health goals I came to see Dr. Trevor for. I’m sleeping better, too. I feel fantastic!” – Matthew, 33 years old, a patient of Dr. Trevor’s for 14 months

I feel great!

When I was younger, I worked a lot of hard labour and at one point, my neck was so painful. I came in, told Dr. Trevor about it and after a short while of treatments, my neck was no longer bothering me. Since then, whenever I have anything that doesn’t feel right I come to see Dr. Trevor and it is fixed in no time. Chiropractic has helped to reduce all of my pains. I would hate to think what condition I would be in without chiropractic. Maybe I would be in a wheelchair. Where some doctors would just tell you to get used to it, Dr. Trevor finds a solution. He was able to help me where others couldn’t. I can now say I feel great!” – Georges, 64 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s for 24 years

Chiropractic made a difference

I have been coming to see Dr. Trevor for approximately a year consistently on a care plan. Prior to that I only saw him on and off for a few years. When I came to see him a year ago, I had mid-back pain, neck pain as well as knots/lumps on the right side of my neck and I also had vertigo. Since seeing Dr. Trevor on a regular basis, all of my issues have definitely improved. While it took some time to notice changes, over time, chiropractic has made a difference. The one thing I have learned over the last year that has contributed to where my health is now is the importance of coming for regular visits so my body is more on top of things rather than just coming when I felt I needed. I also faithfully do the home care exercises and stretches that Dr. Trevor prescribed and that has helped a lot as well. Dr. Trevor has also helped me become aware of the importance of my posture and how that contributes to how I feel. – D.P., 62 years old

Significant improvement

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was experiencing chronic pain throughout my whole body. I came to see Dr. Trevor to see if he could help. I have experienced significant improvement in my symptoms. My pain is more manageable and I have been able to significantly reduce the number of prescription medications I had been taking. Through Dr. Trevor’s guidance, I learned about proper diet and experienced weight loss as well. I continue to see Dr. Trevor for regular maintenance. – Jack, 52 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s since 2009

Loving life!

I initially came to see Dr. Trevor for back pain but then I started experiencing a lack of energy, depression and I was always tired. Since addressing these issues with Dr. Trevor, I now have more energy, have a better outlook and I’m smiling more. My family can’t believe the change in me. I don’t think I would have made it much longer without Dr. Trevor’s help – I felt like I was on my last leg. I’m now loving life! – Steven, 60 years old, patient of Dr. Trevor’s for 15 years

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