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Meet Dr. Trevor Winzoski, D.C.

Introduced to Chiropractic Due to a Workplace Injury

Steinbach Chiropractor Dr. Trevor Winzoski

Dr. Trevor Winzoski

Like many of my patients, my first experience with a chiropractor was as a result of injuring myself at work. When I was 18, I had a summer job working as a roofer. I had worked a full day, going up and down a ladder, bending, twisting and turning. Cleaning up at the end of my shift, I went to pick up a 16 foot 2×10 and one of my co-workers jumped in to help me but, in doing so, he caused the 2×10 to shift, making my back twist suddenly and a lightning bolt of pain shot upward. I dropped to the ground. My employer directed me to go to a medical doctor. I was told I had strained a muscle in my back and was prescribed rest and Tylenol for pain. I was off work the rest of the week, hoping my pain would subside and my back would improve but it didn’t. Instead, the pain and my mobility progressively got worse to the point where I couldn’t even get out of bed; I could barely move. After seeing I was not improving, my dad said “enough is enough; you are going to see my chiropractor.”

Off I went, in excruciating pain, my dad having to help me in and out of the car, but I made it. The chiropractor examined me and took x-rays and then informed me that what I was experiencing was not just a simple muscle strain. Rather, my spine had been shifted out of alignment. He showed me how twisted my spine was in the x-rays. He adjusted me and immediately I could move better and my pain subsided. Over the next two weeks, I went for regular chiropractic adjustments. My function returned and I was able to go back to work.

Chiropractic Combined My Interests

Sometimes it only takes someone saying just the right thing, at just the right moment, to change a person’s life forever. My dad telling me I had to get to the chiropractor was that moment for me. After my experience, I began thinking about what I wanted to do as a career. Having always been fascinated by how the body worked and liking the idea of working with my hands, it became clear that chiropractic was the profession for me.

After taking courses towards a Bachelor of Science at the University of Manitoba, I attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario, graduating in 1993.

Always learning and contributing

Achieving my Doctor of Chiropractic did not end my desire to learn, though. Since graduating I have continually upgraded my education by attending Continuing Education courses and achieving particular certifications I have decided are key to serving my patients. For example, I currently hold a Full Body Certification in Active Release Technique and I have also achieved my Level 1 Crossfit Trainer Certificate.  I am currently working towards completing the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association 200-hour Certification Program which provides the most up-to-date information and skills pertaining to the care of children and women who are pregnant.  I have already attained my Webster Technique Certificate of Proficiency which certifies training in the application of specific chiropractic adjusting techniques during the perinatal care of pregnant patients.

I have also invested time in serving my profession as a member of the Manitoba Chiropractors Association. I am a past (and now, as of 2018, current) member of the Standards Committee, past member of the Board of Directors, and past Vice-President and President of the Association.  I am also currently a member of the Canadian Chiropractors’ Association and International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Due to my continual desire to learn and share my knowledge with my patients and the larger Southeastern Manitoba community, I was honored in 2016 with an invitation to join an elite association of international doctors and wellness experts called The Wellness Champions.  After completion of specialized training in wellness programs and courses in how to ‘edu-tain’, I received my certification as a Wellness Champions Doctor, one of a small number of certifications in the country.

Walking the Walk Personally and Professionally

The principles of healthy living that I teach my patients are the very same principles I follow in my daily life. To strengthen my practice and bolster the satisfaction I obtain from being a chiropractor, in 2015 I partnered with my wife, Donna, a lawyer with a previously successful career of her own, who is now our Business Manager. When we aren’t working together, we have dedicated our non-work time to coaching our twin daughters and their teammates who are involved in competitive soccer. As a family, we enjoy staying active. All four of us get adjusted regularly to keep our nervous systems working optimally. And we are very mindful of the way we eat, ensuring we fuel our bodies in a way that promotes healthy functioning. You’ll never catch us eating at fast food restaurants!

And, to give back to the community, our practice proudly supports South East Helping Hands each year, donating food and household supplies to people in need.

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